Creative Ways to Give Your Man the Best Orgasm He’s Ever Had

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I don’t agree with that. I think “the way” is located a little lower than the stomach in a place called the groin. After all, most guys make their decisions based on the feelings they get down there anyway, am I right?

As a sexual partner with a horny man to please, it’s important to learn tips and techniques to keep him happy. While he may not necessarily say anything or run to someone else’s bed, making your fella feel like a million bucks is your duty. After you’re done pleasing him like a pro with the following tricks, you’ll both get to enjoy a more solidified bond.

The Top 7 Tricks to Increase Your Man’s Orgasm Intensity

Most likely, he’s going to get off whether you get into it or not. You can at least give him something to remember by pulling one the following tricks of your bag:

  • Change Positions

There’s nothing wrong with switching things up, especially when it comes to your lovemaking positions. While there are a few staple poses that seem to bring pleasure to both participants, new positioning attempts can bring fun, excitement and increased pleasure into your bedroom. The best part is that this trick is appropriate for every single individual who’s sexually active. Furthermore, the sex industry has thousands of pillows, wedges and other pieces of erotic furniture made specifically for those who have problems with mobility. Don’t let your body type be an excuse anymore.

  • Put on Something Sexy

This is a trick that has withstood the test of time, and your man is no exception to its alluring powers. He’s used to seeing you in your casual clothes, your business attire and even your everyday pajamas. Give him a reminder of why he thought you were attractive in the first place by showcasing your goods with some sexy gear. Your options are virtually endless and you can easily customize nearly anything you find. And don’t worry about your figure or flaws because your confidence will be the only thing you’re wearing by the end of the night.

  • Play with BDSM

BDSM stands for bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism. It was once viewed as a taboo lifestyle choice reserved for the mentally disturbed. However, today’s opinion is much more open-minded about a therapeutic form of erotica that has gained millions of followers in the last few decades. Meanwhile, restraining your man’s arms and legs while you suck and fuck is never an unwelcomed activity. Be sure to stock up on plenty of rope, handcuffs and handkerchiefs because your guy will love being out of control. (NOTE: Always communicate about boundaries before trying something like this.)

  • Use Texturized Condoms

Regular sex is always a treat for a horny partner, but why not spice it up by adding some extra textures to the genital region? This trick not only increases friction but it also adds to the amount of pleasure both participants receive. Think about it: You, on top, feel the ribbing and become overwhelmed with passion. He, on bottom, watching you lose your mind and getting off like it’s your very first time. Texturized condoms can make that happen, so grab a few and keep them in the bedside table just in case they’re needed.

  • Integrate Some Sex Toys for Men

Once upon a time, the world didn’t have many options for the pent-up playboy without a willing partner. His choices consisted of his hand, a homemade fifi, or a low-quality pleasure product that only slightly increased his pleasure. At one point, dudes even used hollowed-out vegetables and animal skins to get their fix. These days, however, there are more sex toys for men than there has ever been before, with devices ranging from penile stimulators, oral sex simulators, virtual reality masturbators and prostate massaging machines just to name a few. Bring one of those bad boys into the bedroom and it’s lights out on his endurance.

  • Take Him on a Journey Through His Senses

Did you know that the human body has literally millions of delicate nerve endings? Did you also know that your man has more than one sensitive area on his body? Males possess the same number of erogenous zones as women, meaning you can tickle and tease his senses just as much as he does yours. Things like massage, temperature play, electrostimulation (e-stim), and sensory deprivation are just four of the most popular forms of this activity. Incorporate a sensual journey into your foreplay routine to increase his relaxation, anticipation and ejaculation.

  • Let Him Be the One Penetrated

Not all men will be comfortable with this trick, but most guys end up loving a little butt play once in a while after they’ve tried it for the first time. Simply stick your little finger inside the inner rim of your man’s anus for a quickening or add slight pressure to his undercarriage to get him used to the sensation. After he’s over the initial shock, integrate some anal sex toys into the mix to make him cum like never before. There’s actually a gland up inside his ass called the prostate, and when stimulated it can cause a completely new kind of sensation that your man will surely love. The hardest part is getting over the hump of taboo, so educate yourselves to make sure you’re not missing out on anything amazing.

Putting It All Together

Sex is fun, but it’s also necessary. Recent studies have found that modern-day men need to ejaculate at least 20-30 times per month to enjoy peak overall health. You wouldn’t want your man to get sick, now would you? Help him experience the kinds of orgasms he needs to be in top physical condition because, let’s face it, you need him to fuck you as bad as he needs you to fuck him.