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Lelewal is a Yaounde-based indigenous peoples' organization founded in 2003 and  legalized  in 2006 under Cameroonian law on freedom of associations. We work mainly on Indigenous Rights, Environment, Climate Change, research and information dissemination. We also do sensitization and capacity buliding for vulnerable communities, especially in rural areas.

We are currently  in partnership with Tebtebba, carrying out a research, capacity building and information dissemination project on indigenous peoples, forest, REDD and climate change aimed at empowering indigenous  communities in Cameroon to advocate for their rights and participate in REDD.

Lelewal is run by a five-member executive headed by an executive director.We have over 200 members which are mainly indigenous Mbororo pastoralists, forest dwellers or pygmies and some local farmers in rural communities.

Contact Details:

Address: PO Box 33063, Yaounde, Cameroon
Tel: +237 99928151
Email: amadoubouba16[AHT]

For the project, the persons responsible are:

  • Mr. Bouba Injobdi - National Coordinator