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The Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) is an autonomous and politically non-partisan, national level common organization. NEFIN currently consists of 54 indigenous member organizations widely distributed throughout the Terai, Hills and Himalayas of Nepal.

NEFIN was formed with the goal of documenting, preserving and promoting cultures, languages, religion, customs, traditions of the Indigenous Nationalities of Nepal and to assist them in developing and obtaining equal rights.

NEFIN has been playing an important role in supporting its member organizations in leadership development, strengthening decision-making capabilities, networking and enabling them to fight for their rights to development with identity.

Contact Details:

Address: Kusunti, Lalitpur, NEPAL Opposite of Department of Transport Management
Tel: Phone: 977-1-5001754
Email: info[AHT]

For the project, the persons responsible are:

  • Mr. Nima Lama - National Coordinator
  • Ms. Pasang Dolma Sherpa - Researcher