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Global indigenous partnership enriches technical know-how, on-the-ground experiences Print


A global partnership of indigenous peoples aims to enrich its understanding on technical issues related to forests, while learning from practical experiences in forest management and REDD Plus implementation in Thai Nguyen Province in northern Vietnam.

The Indigenous Peoples' Global Partnership on Climate Change and Forests is holding two activities in Hanoi, Vietnam. The first activity is a Global Dialogue Between Indigenous Peoples and Forest Scientist (22-23 April 2014) and an Exchange Visit to a REDD Plus Pilot Model at grassroots level in Thai Nguyen Province (25-27 April).

On the first day, 21 April, the Centre of Research and Development or CERDA, headed by Ms. Vu Thi Hien, and Vicky Tauli-Corpuz of Tebtebba welcomed the partners. CERDA shared the work that they are doing in building capacities of indigenous communities, including indigenous women; reviving forests and traditional knowledge; and strengthening sustainable livelihoods of ethnic minorities in Thai Nguyen Province in northern Vietnam.

The dialogue with forest scientists is aimed at bringing together indigenous partners and forest scientists to discuss the implications of the Warsaw REDD Plus Package, specially in terms of carrying out technical work in developing National Forest Monitoring Systems, Forest Reference Levels/Forest Reference Emissions Levels, Monitoring, Reporting and Verification, Non-carbon Benefits, and forest enterprises and livelihood developments.

The 3-day learning exchange visit, on the other hand, is an opportunity to share the initial results, lessons learned and methods in implementing REDD Plus in Thai Nguyen Province as initiated by CERDA with its partner communities.

The week-long activities are organized by CERDA and are supported by Tebtebba and Norad (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation) through the project. ”Strengthening the Agency of Indigenous Peoples as Vital Actors and Decision-Makers in Proper Implementation of REDD Plus." The global partnership, spearheaded by Tebtebba, is composed of 14 indigenous organizations and networks and NGOs in 11 countries from Latin America, Africa and Asia.