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IP Statement at COP19 Opening Print


Thank you Chair and Distinguished Delegates, for this opportunity to speak and present our issues and concerns at this meeting on behalf of the International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change. My name is Galina Angarova, and I am a representative of the indigenous rights and research center Tebtebba Foundation.

As Indigenous Peoples we are on the forefront of the climate change crisis and immediate action is needed to address our concerns and issues especially in light of unprecedented melting of sea ice, rise of the sea levels, changing weather patterns, degradation of biodiversity and subsistence resources which are the core to survival of indigenous peoples.

We state the following:

We propose more concrete recommendations relevant to Indigenous Peoples at COP 19. As a result, this will strengthen the confidence among the Indigenous Peoples and the parties concerning the UNFCCC processes.

We call for parties to have continuous dialogues with Indigenous Peoples and provide the necessary support for their full and effective participation in all UNFCCC processes.

We urge the parties to implement the Cancun safeguards on REDD + to ensure the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

We demand respect for and recognition of the monitoring and information systems of Indigenous Peoples based on their traditional knowledge and practices, customary laws, and forest governance.

We are also asking for transparency in all financial decisions regarding climate change.

Finally, future agreements should oblige the parties to respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples in all the decisions related to climate change and in accordance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples adopted in 2007.

The parties should ensure the full and effective participation of Indigenous Peoples in the processes, programs, and actions at all levels, including access to funding mechanisms, MRV, and the implementation of safeguards.


Thank you,


Statement read by Galina Angarova of Tebtebba, on behalf of the Indigenous Peoples' Forum on Climate Change (IIPFCC) at the Opening Plenary, UNFCCC COP19, Warsaw Poland, 11 November 2013.