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We, the Indigenous Peoples of the world, are being severely affected by natural calamities, including hurricanes, typhoons, landslides, tsunamis, hail, frost, ice melting, droughts and floods. Those causing the damage have a historical debt, a responsibility to pay for mitigation of and adaptation to the problems they cause.

In order that financing under the UNFCCC successfully address these issues, particularly with regard to indigenous peoples,

We, the indigenous peoples, reiterate that:

  • The UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples Rights and the ILO-169 Convention should be taken as a general framework for governments to ensure the rights of indigenous peoples, including the restitution of rights that are being violated directly and indirect by the impact of climate change.
  • We demand respect for and enforcement of our rights to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC), and to full and effective participation, as required by international standards, with our own voice in the design of the Green Climate Fund, specifically in everything related to the business model framework, resources mobilization, and independent secretariat, finance cycles, conditions of financing, resource allocation system, the safeguards and the issuing of reports.
  • Economic, cultural, social and environmental safeguards shall be assured in all funds and funding activity under the UNFCCC.
  • Financing for activities under the UNFCCC particularly the Green Climate Fund should not rely or be linked to carbon markets, carbon trading, offsets or credits.
  • We call on the Board of the Green Climate Fund and its Co-Chairs to provide for participation and access of indigenous peoples over and above civil society and private enterprise. As peoples with the right of self determination, Indigenous Peoples are entitled to their own presence within the Green Climate Fund.
  • We need to ensure direct and immediate access of Indigenous Peoples to the various finance mechanisms under UNFCCC, including the Green Climate Fund, to address the priority needs of Indigenous Peoples
  • Funding should be made available for the participation of Indigenous Peoples in UNFCC activities in capacity building and attendance at UNFCC activities and meetings.
  • All Funds and financing mechanisms must be established under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.


International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change Statement on FINANCE
At the UNFCCC COP18/CMP8 at Doha, Qatar
26 November 2012 to 7 December 2012