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Indigenous panelists share their analysis on the current state of the climate change negotiations currently underway in Doha, Qatar (UNFCCC COP18). They analyze the current texts of the SBI (Subsidiary Body on Implementation) and SBSTA (Subsidiary Body on Scientific and Technological Advice) and expressed dismay over the slow-paced negotiations in the Long Term Cooperative Action and Kyoto Protocol working groups. They also shared the need to ensure that the gains that indigenous peoples have achieved so far are carried over to the next climate agreement currently being negotiated under the Ad-Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform (ADP).

These gains include recognition of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, their traditional knowledge, and full and effective participation in climate change-related processes.

On the Green Climate Fund, the panelists called for full and effective participation of indigenous peoples, with separate representation from civil society. They also expressed the need to ensure that safeguards and the recourse mechanism are implemented in initiatives to be funded by the Fund. Lastly, they called on the need for direct access by indigenous peoples of the GCF, through a small grants facility for indigenous peoples, to support their climate change mitigation and adaptation needs and initiatives. This is most urgent in the face of climate disasters that continue to wreak havoc on indigenous peoples, such as the super typhoon Bopha now hitting the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines, where a large population of indigenous peoples live.

The panel speakers included Victoria Tauli-Corpuz of Tebtebba, Dennis Mairena of the Centro para la Autonomia y Desarollo de los Pueblos Indigenas (CADPI) of Nicaragua, and Stanley Kimaren of the Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners (ILEPA) of Kenya.

The press conference, held 4 December 2012 at Qatar National Convention Center, was organized by Tebtebba and the Indigenous Peoples’ Partnership on Climate Change and Forests.


Watch the Press Conference.