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REDD+ and IPs of Cameroon Print

Main worries of indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLC) relevant to REDD+ social safeguards in Cameroon are expressed in terms of unfavorable or restricted rights of IPLC to legal land tenure and ownership, restricted access to resources, lack of transparent and effective governance, inequitable sharing of profits stemming from activities aimed at exploiting, conserving and managing the forest as well as the absence of real engagement and participation to seek the consent of indigenous and local forest people. Recommendations are provided on participation, land tenure, benefit sharing. These recommendations are aimed at complementing existing efforts in building a credible REDD+ social safeguards system in Cameroon. The leading and coordinating government institution on REDD+ in Cameroon should therefore promote the creation of a task force to push forward the development of REDD+ social safeguards in Cameroon.

Download the Report published by WWF and CED, Cameroon, October 2012.