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IIPFCC Statement on th ADP Print

Thank you, Mr. President

Today I have the honor of speaking on behalf of the International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change.

We, the Indigenous Peoples, recognize that climate change represents an urgent, irreversible challenge for humanity, especially for all the vulnerable sectors.
We are concerned that some countries are seeking to evade their responsibilities under the Kyoto Protocol, and thattheir economic greed prevents them from acting in keeping with the welfare of humanity.

We continue to have concerns over the Kyoto Protocol and over all the measures considered in the Convention. We want to ensure the protection of our rights as Indigenous Peoples, in particular the rights of indigenous women and children, since it is they who suffer the most from the consequences of climate impacts and climate variability. We cannot continue to ignore the direct impacts of climate change on our communities. We cannot ignore that the mitigation and adaptation policies of some countries are imposing carbon markets, jeopardizing our peoples under the pretext of financing.

We believe that the Kyoto Protocol continues to be necessary. It is the only binding instrument, and we do not have a viable alternative. We do not have time to wait for another mechanism.

Issues such as mitigation, adaptation, financing, technological development and technology transfer, transparency of activities and capacity building are still needed by our peoples in order to respond to the impacts of climate change and in order to contribute in a positive way to mitigation and adaptation actions.

The principles of common but differentiated responsibilities and historic debt impose legally binding commitments on all parties and these principles must be respected across and within each of the countries. The historic and present contributions of our peoples must be recognized and valued.

We implore the parties to make ambitious commitments. We need urgent action that takes into account and respects the rights of our peoples as well as our traditional knowledge, throughout the climate change process. For the sake of security of our future generations, the parties must comply with the Durban platform roadmap and the outcome document must recognize Indigenous Peoples and our rights.


International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change

25th May 2012