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IIPFCC intervention for the AWG-KP Print

Thank You, Mr. President.

I am speaking in the name of the International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change.

We are concerned over the process of the progress of the Kyoto Protocol second commitment, since some parties are blocking the road to climate change solutions. We, the Indigenous Peoples, reaffirm our call to all parties to commit in progressing once and for all in assuming second period commitments in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol, as indicated by the Durban decisions.

We, the Indigenous Peoples, also underscore that the second commitment must fulfill the principles of historic obligation and common but differentiated responsibility. Also, the second commitment must recognize the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Likewise, we believe that the Parties must assume their historic responsibility of adopting urgent and immediate measures to drastically reduce their carbon emissions and approve a binding instrument for the Kyoto Protocol second commitment.

Furthermore, we wish to emphasize that it is urgent to take into account that the policies, measures and current actions related to the impacts of climate change are resulting in policies that threaten our communities and are leading us into greater poverty and extreme poverty.

The urgency and the severity of our global climate crisis demand joint, concerted and inclusive actions, involving to all players, to face the current situation.

Finally, we, the Indigenous Peoples of the world request that regional and national interests be set aside in order to attain real and effective solutions to climate change.

Thank you.


intervention for the AWG-KP

Bonn, Wednesday, 24 May 2012