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Montanosa Research and Development Center (MRDC) was born at the height of the Cordillera indigenous peoples’ struggle against the Marcos regime’s development aggression that threatened to displace communities from their ancestral lands in favor of dams and commercial logging. Now in its 32nd year, the MRDC believes that people’s constant interaction with their biophysical environment imbues them with most of the scientific knowledge and skills they need to propel their own development. It places indigenous knowledge as the foundation for community development. Its task is to assist communities to systematize and augment their indigenous knowledge and traditional skills to meet the challenges posed by complex changes.

Contact Details:

Address: Makamkamlis, Sagada 2619, Mt. Province, Philippines
Tel: +505 279 22 225
Email: mrdcsagada[AHT]

For the project, the person responsible is:

  • Florence Daguitan