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Servicios del Pueblo Mixe (SER) is a civil association constituted on May 27, 1988, with the aim of providing advice, information and support to Mixe authorities and community organizations and coordinate efforts with individuals and organizations, both in the national and international levels, to achieve the development of the Mixe peoples. Throughout these 25 years, SER has built an organization that tries to answer the needs and aspirations of contemporary Mixe people and other indigenous peoples, through training, research, promotion and defense of indigenous peoples’ rights.

Because of its high degree of acceptance and impact in the Ayuuk region, SER’s work has spread, since 1996, to other indigenous regions of Oaxaca, particularly among Mixtec, Zapotec from the Sierra North Valley, Chinantec Sierra, Huave, Mazatec, Trique Zoque.

SER partnered in 2010 with Tebtebba towards capacity building of indigenous peoples on climate change and REDD Plus. Currently, it is undertaking a research on the state of laws and policies on forests and indigenous peoples.


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