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Tebtebba Side Event Webcast Now Available! Print

The webcast of Tebtebba's side event during the 9-11 April Climate Talks in Bonn, Germany is now available. The side event, "COP 15 and the Copenhagen Accord - An assessment and ways forward for indigenous peoples" shared indigenous peoples’ assessment of COP15 and the Copenhagen Accord and identified strategies and ways forward in ensuring that indigenous peoples’ rights, full and effective participation and traditional knowledge are included in the climate negotiations, including REDD+. Speakers included

  • Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Chair, UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and Executive Director, Tebtebba
  • Joji Carino, Policy Advisor, Tebtebba & Program Coordinator,
    Tebtebba Capacity-Building Programme on the CBD
  • Joan Carling, AIPP Secretary General & Co-Chair of the IIPFCC in the Barcelona UNFCCC Negotiations and Copenhagen COP 15


The side event was chaired by Martin Khor, Executive Director of the South Center & International Advisory Council Member, Tebtebba who also gave the Opening Remarks.

The side event can be viewed here.