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The Copenhagen Accord is undermining multilateralism. The commitments sent so far would not result into a limiting the temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius but to a high of 4 degrees. For many indigenous peoples, this will mean destruction of the ecosystems which we have tried to protect and which are the very basis of our survival and cultures.

Please send us the name of organization, your name, the country where it is based and we will include it in the list of signatories. Please send this before or on Feb. 24, 2010. Please send to are raymond[AHT] and twngeneva[AHT] You can also put this in your websites and ask for sign-ons from your networks and send these to the emails mentioned above.

Download the Joint Statement of Civil Society Organisations and Social Movements: Act Now to Meet The Post-Copenhagen Climate Emergency! in [ENGLISH] [SPANISH] [FRENCH].