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Participants are encouraged to contribute as panel discussant during the Global Seminar-Workshop on Indigenous Women and Climate Change and REDD + .

The Panel discussions will highlight indigenous women's roles and use of traditional knowledge and practices as tools/strategies to mitigate climate change or adapt to its impacts. We recommend that you come up with at least one case study related to the suggested themes below based on the obtaining situation in your communities. Other areas which you think are not included in the suggested themes but are relevant to your community and the climate change phenomenon are welcome. These may either be stories/efforts of

1) an individual indigenous woman that have made a significant impact on the community or

2) a collective effort by community women or indigenous women’s organizations that provides solution to the climate crisis, its impacts or effective mitigation and adaptation strategy/technology/practice.

To facilitate ease of expression and ensure content vis-à-vis the time constraints, the case study may be written in your own national languages. The Secretariat will find a way of translating these into English. However, for those can do it directly in English, please do so!

Global Seminar-Workshop on Indigenous Women, Climate Change and REDD+ Print


18 – 19 November 2010
The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

“We are deeply alarmed by the accelerating climate devastation brought about by unsustainable development. We are experiencing profound and disproportionate adverse impacts on our cultures, human and environmental health, human rights, well-being, traditional livelihoods, food systems and food sovereignty, local infrastructure, economic viability, and our very survival as Indigenous Peoples.

Mother Earth is no longer in a period of climate change, but in climate crisis. We therefore insist on an immediate end to the destruction and desecration of the elements of life.”