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Country Resource Materials

Country Resource Materials for the eight (8) country areas. This Resource Material serves to aid the researcher in terms of data collection and pointers for analysis. The information provided were generated through on line sources and presented in their 'raw form' which means these were not processed or analyzed. This is also a work-in-progress thus, this could be further enriched and substantiated by both the researcher and the Research Desk of Tebtebba. In addition, the resource material may not form part of the output of the researcher.


Peru Resource Material Print

Located at the West of South America, Peru is the fourth largest among the Latin American countries. The country is surrounded by Ecuador and Colombia in the North, Brazil by the East and Chile by the South. One of the oldest civilization and empire originated from this country. It was in the 16th century when Vice royalties of the Spanish empire conquered the Inca civilization. Peru achieved its independence in 1821...

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Nepal Resource Material Print

Nestled between India and Autonomous Region of China, Nepal is home to the world's highest peak, Mt. Everest, which grazes along the Himalayan mountain ranges. While eight of the highest peaks are seated in Nepal, some of its regions are low-lying, which would define the extreme climate variation of the country. Nepal is comprised these geographical regions: the Terai region (humid tropical), Siwaliks (moist sub-tropical), the mountain region, which is divided into the middle mountain (temperate) and the high mountain (cool to sub-alpine), and the High Himalayas (alpine to artic). In just a distance of 200 kilometers, the variation from a tropical climate to an arctic climate is felt. One of the few densely populated countries, Nepal has a population of approximately 23 million (2001 Census). The concentration of this population are higher in rural areas and the economy is very much dependent on agriculture...

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